Lois Jeans

Hope of Love Revolution.
Lois Jeans grabs the number one position on Design Charts, the weekly top 40 website design chart, and it’s clear why…

The injustice of man destroyed love…
It’s ashes covered the world for centuries…
but there is still hope…


The website’s primary feature is a short story film directed by Humberto Vignali that resembles the Band of Brothers Bastogne scenes using snow (actually flour) in slow motion shots against a dark grey, gritty Russian winter background. Beautifully crafted despite for web, the film is set to the music Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti (which has now completely changed my mindset of it being for slow motion football adverts), the two lovers (Brisa and Vinicus) slow motion scream, fall to their knees, pull off masks and slap bum cheeks while wearing the collection.

It’s a shame that the promotional images just aren’t on par with the film. If anything it would have been more visually stunning if they’d used stills from the film rather than do a shoot. I wonder if the director of photography Alex Garcia even took part in the shoot? Perhaps their aim was a Call of Duty style, as the press pack images seem to look more like game covers without the blood splatter.

(No it’s not the wrong way around, calm down)


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