Paris vs NYC

Paris vs NYC is a series of Art prints created by Vahram Muratyan, available to view and buy from Society 6. Known as two significant cities in the world for culture, arts, food and entertainment, it can be a difficult choice between the two. The tally of two cities are depicted in colourful split illustrations, and posted on Vahram Muratyan’s blog whenever a new comparison comes up. From his recent posts you can tell he wasn’t intending for it to continue since last fall, as the ideas are less obvious collations. The style of the illustrations does seem to waver as well, sometimes simple, sometimes more heavily detailed, but Muratyan’s decision, albeit a conscious one, means that when his prints are up for sale the reoccurring theme is Paris vs NYC, and buyers have a choice of style to suit. Maybe it’s time to pick another two cities to compare, but personally I can’t think of any more covetable cities to live in than New York and (then) Paris.


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